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Cat Trone XXL Beige
Anna Remdahl
Cat approved!

My cat loves his new, updated cat tree! So cozy material and tall which allows for full stretches. No complaints, super easy to assemble. Thank you!

Cat Mansion Light Grey
Catherine Price
Cats love it !!

Very sturdy and my four Oriental cats love their new Cat Tree. Delivery was fast and the design is much nicer and taller than any others I have seen in Australia. Glad that I found this cat tree - it was just what we needed.

Tiger Dark Grey
Anthony Nyholt
Great Tree - Easy to put together

Easy enough to put together, instructions were clear. Cat's are getting used to new tree.

Made in China!!!!!

I purposefully purchased 2 of these cat trees as when it says designed in the Netherlands and it’s an Australian site you really do think you’re supporting an Australian Company. But when you finally notice the box saying “Made In China” straight away you feel a bit ripped off.
The website says “Highest quality heavy plush, 600gr/m2 fabric so you expect some lovely thick plush fabric but when you finally put them up after having the house painted you do notice that the fabric looks no different to all the other cat poles Made in China that you can pick up for $100 each. It looks like cheap plush thin fabric to me.
I did have high hopes for these cat poles that cost me $898 but now I feel my high hopes have just been dashed! I suppose I will just have to wait and see how long they really do last with 3 cats 🤷‍♀️ My 2 old cat poles have lasted 13.5 years each and having industrial strength carpet on them. I’m doubting very much I will get 13.5 years out of this fabric and they only cost me $200 each!

Superbe, solide et facile à monter

Très simple et splendide arbre à chat de très grande qualité. Très facile à monter et très robuste. Ma petite Vivi, âgée de 13 ans, l’a immédiatement adopté alors qu’elle est assez peureuse en ce qui concerne les nouveautés.

Très très bien. Qualité, service, suivi. Extra

Très bien vraiment, de la commande au suivi du colis très rapide et la qualité du produit. Extra.

Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Light Grey)

Cat Mansion Light Grey
Melissa Miller
Well worth the money!

I ordered my Cat Tree King Mansion recently, and it arrived within a couple of days!
You could tell instantly tell the quality by the weight of the boxes! Wowsers !
Very easy to assemble and it didn't take long at all. My two birman girls and my ragdoll boy took to their new Mansion instantly! Lylah claimed the hidey hole box. Miss Mokey took to the high platform bed, and Astro dove straight into the basket. Now Astro my ragdoll is still a kitten at 10 months old... however my little kitten is not so little, already weighing in at 7.1kg and who didn't fit in my old cheap cat tree anymore. This cat tree king one is AMAZING!! He fits in the basket with heaps of room to spare! He loves the platforms and the I can tell the big chunky scratching posts will last a long time! Good to know parts are replaceable too if he does destroy it, but I'm going to guess that is going to take several years before we even need to think about it!
It's very solid, it doesn't budge at all when Astro gets the zoomies and scales up the side of the cat tree at 97kph! (Old one used to rock back and forth and I had to secure it as he was growing to stop it tipping!)

So I'm definitely happy with my purchase and can highly and genuinely recommend Cat Tree King to anyone with a kitty cat, but especially recommend them to those with big cats like Ragdolls and Maine Coons!

Astro, Mokey and Lylah also give the paws up approval.

Très bons produits

Très bonne produits de qualité et mes chats adorent


Qualità eccellente, ottimo prezzo, robusto e pesante, i Gatti si sono già affezionati, qualche miglioramento dal costruttore per un assemblamento più semplice sarebbe ottimo. Grazie.

Gatta felice

Buon prodotto ,a prova di gatto

Couldn’t live without a cat tree king in my life now!

This is my second cat tree king purchase and the products do not disappoint!! I’ve recommended cat tree king to quite a few friends who have them since bit the bullet and bought their cats a cat tree king product and they can’t thank me enough for the recommendation.

Happy with the cat tree, great product.

Super betrouwbaar bedrijf

Snelle en correcte levering. Super artikel voor de katjes.

Très beau arbre a chat

Arbre à chat

Conforme à notre attente belle qualité

Prodotto di pregio

Avendo gia acquistato un prodotto di questa azienda non ho avuto dubbi a riacquistare un loro prodotto. Grandi prodotti a prezzi accessibili.


Cette arbre à chat est vraiment « royal » comme son nom l’indique !
Il est de très bonne qualité comparé à tous les autres arbres à chat classique que j’ai pu voir jusqu’ici. Les matériaux sont épais et large et il est très facile à monté. Idéal pour les grands/gros chats.
Le mien l’a tout de suite adopté, depuis il ne descend presque plus de son arbre 😂.
Je recommande !!

Zeer goede kwaliteit

Zeer goede kwaliteit en grote mooie ligplaatsen


E robusto . La mia gatta ha subito gradito

Très bel arbre à chat

Je cherchais un arbre solide, original et beau. Je ne suis pas deçue de la qualité et il est vraiment robuste. Mes chats adorent, ils a été pensé pour eux.


Mooi, stevig, stabiel, alle onderdelen kunnen apart besteld worden. De katten zijn er zot op en er zijn maar liefs 12 poezen in huis ;-D

Arbre à chat Devon Rex (Gris Foncé)

Top paal

Katten heel blij mee!
Had voordien al een krabpaal van RHR pets en deze was na 5 jaar aan vervanging toe. Mijn volgend krabpaal zal ook via hier zijn! Top kwaliteit


J’ai commandé des poteaux. Sisal pour remettre à neuf l’arbre à chat de mon minou. Parfait, vite dévissé et vite remis en place . Je recommande